ImpaCt DFC - Digital Frequency Compression:

In the early 1990's, Sonovation began looking for an alternative to conventional amplification for individuals with high frequency hearing loss. Instead of attempting to just amplify signals using a variety of amplitude compression strategies, selective Proportional Frequency Transposition was introduced as a means to access critical high frequency speech information.

Over the years, Frequency Transposition in a body worn device evolved into BTE instruments with Frequency Compression. Now, Digital Frequency Compression (DFC) is available in a software expandable DSP with models that range from CIC through power BTE.

XpDirect - Digital Dual Directional Microphones:

Directional microphones have the potential to deliver significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio. However, the close proximity of hearing aid microphones makes adequate signal-to-noise improvements for the hearing impaired extremely difficult to achieve. Sonovation's years of experience in developing digital microphone arrays for other applications have led to the development of digital dual directional microphones with unprecedented noise reduction capabilities. XpDirect significantly reduces noise in spectral regions most harmful to speech intelligibility, thus providing the signal-to-noise required by hearing impaired individuals.

Logicom FM Products:

In 1992, Sonovation, revolutionized the way we think about FM with the introduction of Extend-Ear, the first behind-the-ear FM hearing system. Sonovation's trend-setting FM innovation has continued with the Logicom family of FM products. At Sonovation we understand the advantages FM technology offers. Our pioneering efforts have made high quality, cosmetically appealing FM technology available for the learning disabled, deaf and hard of hearing and cochlear implant user.

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